Reversing Type II Diabetes

Reversing Type II Diabetes


Can You Reverse Diabetes?

I came across an interesting article the other day that provides hope for Type 1 diabetics… “Scientist have created insulin-producing cells that could replace injections”.  This, of course would be
fantastic because Type I diabetic sufferers cannot simply change their diet and lifestyle to reduce their dependence on insulin since their pancreas cannot produce insulin. Type II diabetics are simply “insulin resistant”, meaning that their body still creates, insulin, but can’t process it por

Reversing Type II Diabetes

I then started thinking about the ways a Type II diabetic can reverse their disease and get off of diabetic medications completely.  From all of the books and articles that I have read, I believe that in many cases, it is possible to become diabetes free through proper diet and exercise.  Below are a few of my favorite books or articles that have convinced me.

Information to Reverse Diabetes

Supplements for Blood Sugar Support

After reading many books on the topic of reversing or preventing Type II diabetes, it always boils down to eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight.  Yet the medical mainstream establishment advocates the treatment of diabetes with insulin and other drugs, while recommending a diet high in carbohydrates, including sugar, which raises your blood sugar.  There is no magic bullet, no magic pill, no simple medical intervention that will cure or reverse diabetes.  The power is in the hands of the individual to change their lifestyle.  Change their food choices.  Change their eating habits.  Start exercising regularly.  Not only will eating right and exercising prevent or reverse diabetes, but it will also hold a host of other morbid diseases at bay.


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