Natural Healing and Prevention of Cutaneous Candida

Natural Healing and Prevention of Cutaneous Candida

What is Cutaneous Candida?

Cutaneous candidiasis is an infection of the skin with candida fungus.  It is sometimes also called yeast infections, Intertriginous candidiasis, or fungal skin infection.

How did I get a Candida Infection of the skin?

Your body hosts bacteria and fungi, many of which are beneficial to you.  Some fungi that live on the hair and nails and outer skin layers can cause an infection.  Candida infections are very common; Candida is the most common cause of diaper rash in infants.  Candida can cause oral thrush which is an infection of the mucous membranes in the mouth.  Candida is also a common cause of vaginal yeast infections.

People are more susceptible to Yeast or Candida infections when they have been taking antibiotics, or if they have a weakened immune system.  Taking antibiotics kills many beneficial bacteria in your body which keep the candida bacteria at bay.  The candida bacteria then start to thrive, causing an overgrowth and the Yeast infection.

What are the Symptoms of candida infection?

Yeast infections can be uncomfortable and lead to painful open sores is not taken care of.

  • A yeast infection will generally cause very intense, uncomfortable itching. Scratching the itchy rash can cause painful open sores that can worsen the skin infection.
  • You may see a red growing skin rash; this rash is sometimes located in the folds of your skin, such as genitals, middle of the body, buttocks, under the breasts and other areas of skin. (Remember that candida thrive in warm, moist, environments)
  • Infection of the hair follicles that may look like pimples.


How to Prevent and treat Candida Infections

Many Doctors will prescribe or recommend medications to treat the candida infection.

  • Anti fungal skin creams, ointments, or sprays.
  • For severe candida yeast infections, oral anti fungal medications prescribed by a doctor may be necessary.

However, simply killing the candida yeast does not address the problem of why they are growing and thriving in your body.  If you are using an over the counter or prescription anti-fungal cream, you should also read through some of the holistic natural anti fungal therapies below.

Natural Treatments for Candida Infections

A good diet and good overall health and hygiene is important for preventing and treating candida infections.  Following are some tips to prevent and/or treat candida yeast infections:

If you are antibiotics, eat yogurt to replenish your natural gut bacteria.

  • Keep the skin dry and exposed to air (if possible)
  • Use a drying powder (baby powder); try to find a cornstarch based powder rather than talc.
  • If you are diabetic, strive to keep your blood sugar in control.
  • If you are overweight, losing weight may eliminate the fungal problems.
  • Some people have reported success using coconut oil, oregano oil, and grapefruit seed extract natural remedies for their candida.
  • Cut sugar and processed foods out of your diet since sugar is often attributed to “feeding” the candida fungus
  • Take a probiotic supplement, such “Candida Go” .  Click this link to find Candida Go.

Prevent and Stop Diaper Rash

  • If your child has diaper rash, you can try rubbing coconut oil on it. This does two things; first, it creates a protective barrier to keep the skin from being moist and second, it helps kill the Candida fungus.
  • Change diapers regularly and if the diaper rash is severe, let your baby go bare bottom for a while to expose the area to air and keep it dry.
  • Give your child some yogurt.

Natural Remedy for Vaginal Yeast Infections

There are some products that can help restore your vagina’s natural bacteria balance and stop the overgrowth of yeast.

This article is for informational use only. It is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. Please consult a qualified physician before using the information contained within this article.