Stop Inflammation — How to Reverse Your Autoimmune Disease

Stop Inflammation — How to Reverse Your Autoimmune Disease

If you are one of 24 million people world-wide struggling with any of the numerous problems caused by an autoimmune disease, you have probably been advised by your doctor or health care professional to take an anti-inflammatory drug to stop or reduce the inflammation.  These anti-inflammatory drugs range from aspirin, Advil, Motrin, steroids, or even more powerful immune suppressing medications that carry serious side effects.

However, this approach avoids treating the underlying cause of the disease, only masking the symptoms.  If you want to prevent or reduce inflammation in the boy, you must find the source, the underlying cause of the inflammation.  In order to treat the cause, we must first understand the autoimmune disease.

What are autoimmune diseases?

Autoimmune diseases arise from abnormal immune responses of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body.  In other words, the body is essentially attacking itself—your immune system, which is your defense against invaders cannot clearly distinguish between what should be attacked and what should not be attacked.  There are at least 80 human diseases caused primarily or secondarily by an autoimmune response.  These diseases are no laughing matter, in fact autoimmune diseases are among the top ten leading causes of death among women in all age groups up to 65 years.

One interesting fact about autoimmune diseases is that they occur almost exclusively in developed countries; countries with running water, excellent sanitation, washing machines and sterile backyards.  People who live in poor or developing countries usually do not get these diseases.

Children who grow up on farms, with animals, or playing in dirt being exposed to a variety of bacteria and viruses train their immune system to correctly recognize what is foreign and are also less likely to develop an autoimmune disease.

Overuses of antibiotics is also a culprit in creating perfect breading grounds for autoimmune diseases.  Many autoimmune disease sufferers have an overgrowth of fungus and yeast flourishing in their bodies.  Symptoms can include: yeast and fungus growing in between your toes, in your toenails, crotch, and scalp; helicobacter pylori in your gut, causing abdominal symptoms such as ulcers; leaky gut syndrome, sensitivities to dairy and gluten; and chronic sinus infections.

Are autoimmune diseases curable?

It is possible to stop your body from attacking itself by finding and eliminating the causes of inflammation in your diet and/or environment.  Since, this is often dismissed by traditional medicine and referred to as “spontaneous remission” you will probably not find many studies or scientific documentation of these occurrences in the medical literature.

To get onto the right track, you should fix your gut by eating a very simple diet which will eliminate common food allergens.  You should also add specific nutrients:

  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotics

You should also add exercise to your diet which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Another option of autoimmune disease sufferers to try is SEROVERA – a Gastro-intestinal specific supplement that has been used with great success by individuals with autoimmune diseases.  “SEROVERA® targets your immune system and digestive tract, where the root of “autoimmunity” stems from, and heals it over time. SEROVERA® sources only the very best glyconutrients from the inner-leaf of the Aloe plant. SEROVERA® is classified as a food material and contains no chemicals, no drugs, and exhibits no side-effects. SEROVERA® does not have a purgative effect.”

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